Springfield, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

Located in the hills 20 miles west of the City of Springfield, and surrounded by 14,000 acres of protected forest land, the Cobble Mountain Reservoir (Source ID 1281000-02S) and the Borden Brook Reservoir (Source ID 1281000-04S) in Blandford and Granville, MA are the sources of your drinking water. The pristine location and acres of protected land minimize the risk of water supply contamination, as the forest provides a natural buffer to surrounding development and natural filtration of potential contaminants. The Commission’s Watershed Protection Plan includes a blueprint for active forest management, promoting diversity of tree species, and healthy forest regeneration. While the majority of the land surrounding the reservoirs remains protected, the Commission maintains a strong land acquisition program to continue to enhance source protection and water quality.

Water Treatment Process

Clean drinking water is delivered at an annual average of 30 million gallons per day to retail customers in Springfield and Ludlow and wholesale customers in Agawam, East Longmeadow, and Longmeadow. Water from Borden Brook and Cobble Mountain Reservoirs undergoes the following treatment process at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant in Westfield.

COBBLE MT. RESERVOIR: Raw water is drawn from the reservoir in Blandford/Granville and flows to the West Parish Filters Treatment Plant.

PILOT TESTING: New treatment methods are currently being tested in isolation to remove more dissolved natural organic matter. The new method will become the first step in the treatment process.

COAGULATION & FLOCCULATION: Most of the raw water is mixed with an additive in large tanks to cause solids and dissolved natural organic matter to bind together for removal.

RAPID SAND FILTRATION: Water exiting the coagulation and flocculation process enters granulated carbon filters to further remove dissolved natural organic matter.

SLOW SAND FILTRATION: A small amount of raw water moves directly to filtration in the slow sand filters to remove dissolved natural organic matter.

CORROSION CONTROL: Phosphate is added to the water to protect pipes from leaching lead or copper, and sodium hydroxide is added to adjust pH.

CHLORINATION: Chlorine is added to kill any disease-causing microorganisms.

PROVIN MOUNTAIN STORAGE: The treated, chlorinated water is gravity-fed from the West Parish Filters Treatment Plant to storage tanks at the top of Provin Mountain in Feeding Hills.

DIRECT TO YOUR HOME: Water continues to flow by gravity from Provin Mountain through transmission mains to the distribution system for use by more than 250,000 customers in the lower Pioneer Valley.

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