Peabody, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

Peabody’s drinking water is mainly supplied by the Coolidge and Winona Water Treatment Plants. Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) provides supplemental water during high water demand months. Four water storage tanks provide water storage, water pressure, and fire protection for the City. Voluntary water restrictions continue and we ask our customers to practice conservation measures. At Winona water is pumped from Winona Pond. Coolidge water is pumped from Suntaug Lake and Spring Pond. The source of water for Suntaug Lake and Winona Pond is the Ipswich River. Under MADEP’s Water Management Act Regulations, withdrawing water from the Ipswich River is only allowed during winter and spring months.

Water Treatment

Coolidge and Winona Water Treatment Plants treat the water with: coagulation and sedimentation that remove particles from the water through flocculation and then settling; filtration that removes the remaining particles out of the water; primary disinfection which uses free chlorine to kill the harmful microbes; and secondary disinfection that uses monochloramine to control the biological activity in the distribution system. Fluoride is added to our drinking water for dental health. Additionally, at Coolidge, free chlorine is used for pretreatment to oxidize the iron and manganese in the source water during the fall and winter months.

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