Newburyport, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

Our drinking water comes from both surface water and groundwater supplies. The surface supplies, which make up 80% of our water, are the Indian Hill Reservoir in West Newbury, the Artichoke Reservoirs in both West Newbury and Newburyport, and the Bartlett Spring Pond in Newburyport. Surface water is treated at the water treatment plant where color, turbidity, and bacteria are removed through filtration. The water is then treated for corrosion control, pH adjustment, disinfection, and fluoridation before delivery to our customers. Groundwater, which makes up 20% of our drinking water, is supplied by two gravel-packed wells (Well #1 and Well #2) located along Ferry Road in Newburyport.

Water Treatment Process

In order to meet state and federal requirements for public drinking water, our drinking waters receive the following physical and chemical treatments before being supplied to our customers:

Surface Water
• Pretreatment chemicals are added to coagulate impurities that are then settled out in larger sedimentation tanks.
• Water is then filtered through two 40-inch deep mixed media filters to remove particles.
• Chlorine is added to disinfect water to prevent waterborne diseases.
• The pH of the water is raised to reduce the acidity of the water, helping to prevent internal plumbing corrosion.
• A corrosion inhibitor is used to minimize the pickup of lead and copper from household plumbing into the tap water.
• Sodium fluoride is added to help prevent tooth decay.

Well Water
The well water does not require pretreatment chemicals for coagulation or filtration. It is, however, treated with chlorine, fluoride, corrosion inhibitor, and pH adjustment.

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