Gloucester, MA Water Quality Report

East Gloucester System:

Babson Water Treatment Plant; Babson & Goose Cove Reservoirs; and
Klondike Water Treatment Plant & Reservoir (provides a lesser supplemental water supply).

West Gloucester System:

West Gloucester Water Treatment Plant; Dykes, Haskell, and Wallace
Reservoirs; and Wallace & Haskell Pump Stations transfer water to Dykes Reservoir.

Distribution System:

125 miles of water main with the majority older unlined cast iron pipe; Water
Storage Facilities at Bond Hill Tank 6 million gallon (MG), Plum Cove Tank 0.75 MG, and Blackburn
Tank 0.6 MG (supplies the high service area fed from the Fuller Pump Station).

How Your Water is Treated:

Our water system provides you with safe and adequate supply of drinking water. To improve the quality of the water delivered to you, we treat it to remove iron, manganese, organic matter, fine particles, algae, protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. Reservoir water is treated at the Babson, West Gloucester, and Klondike Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) before being pumped to the distribution system, storage facilities, and to you. Originally constructed circa 1970, Babson and West Gloucester WTPs have had significant modernization improvements that began in 2009, and these plants alternate operation on six month
intervals from the islands side and West Gloucester reservoirs, respectively. The Klondike WTP in Lanesville was constructed in 2007 and provides a supplemental water supply for peak summer demand and emergencies. Page 4 provides water treatment process flow diagrams for each plant and after that is a written description of the water treatment process for Babson and West Gloucester WTPs. The Klondike WTP has a similar treatment process as detailed in its process flow diagram.

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