Fitchburg, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

The City of Fitchburg has a total of 7 surface water reservoirs from which it can withdraw water. Together they have a storage capacity of more than 4.8 billion gallons of water! The following table lists the City’s reservoirs and their location.

How Your Water is Treated:

The City makes every effort to provide you with safe and pure drinking water. The City has two filtration plants, the J.A. Provencial and Regional Water Treatment Facilities, which treat and distribute water to Fitchburg residents. Water is also supplied to the Town of Westminster from the Regional Water Treatment Facility. Each of the plants utilize a two-step filtration process to remove any contaminants such as sediment, algae, and bacteria from the source waters. A disinfectant (chlorine) is added to protect you against microbial contaminants and the water is also treated to reduce the potential for lead and copper to leach from building plumbing systems. Fluoride is also added in minimal concentrations to aid in dental health and hygiene. Water quality at the treatment facilities is constantly monitored by us and MA DEP to verify the effectiveness of the existing water treatment systems and to determine if any additional treatment is needed.

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