Concord, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

Concord’s water system consists of six groundwater supplies located in Concord and one surface water supply located on the Acton/Littleton town line. In addition, there are associated pumping stations, two storage reservoirs with a 7.5 million gallon total capacity, approximately 134 miles of water main, and over 1,300 fire hydrants. Depending on the season, all available production facilities may be called upon to satisfy system demands which may fluctuate between 1.5 million gallons per day (MGD) during the winter months to nearly 4 MGD in the summer. Concord’s public water system is interconnected with Acton and Bedford for emergency backup, if ever needed.

Water Treatment Process

In accordance with State and Federal drinking water requirements, Concord’s water is treated before it gets to your tap. Treatment includes: disinfection—via the addition of liquid chlorine at all supplies plus ozone/UV light at the Nagog Pond water supply; corrosion control—via the addition of potassium hydroxide and polyphosphate to raise the natural pH of the water and reduce its corrosiveness to household plumbing; fluoridation—via the addition of sodium fluoride to help in the prevention of tooth decay; iron sequestration—performed by adding polyphosphate to reduce the frequency of discoloration events; and iron and manganese removal—performed by pressure filtering the Deaconess and White Pond wells. Due to a high level of water quality in Nagog Pond, the Town continues to operate this source under a filtration waiver. Chemical adjustments and disinfection are provided to ensure that safe drinking water is delivered to customer’s taps.

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