Chelsea, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

The City of Chelsea purchases all of its water directly from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). The MWRA delivers the water to Chelsea’s distribution system through five MWRA master meters. Chelsea’s distribution system then delivers the water to homes, businesses, schools, and other facilities for drinking and other uses. The distribution system also delivers water used for fire protection. Chelsea’s water distribution system is comprised of approximately 60 miles of water mains ranging in size from six inches to 20 inches in diameter, approximately 575 fire hydrants, over 1000 mainline gate valves, and in excess of 5,100 service shutoff valves (“curb stops”).

Upwards of 70% of the water mains in Chelsea’s distribution system are over 50 years old and an estimated 47% of the water mains are old unlined cast iron pipe. Unlined pipe allows tuberculation (rust) to grow on the inside surfaces of the pipe. While not a health problem, tuberculation restricts the amount of water conveyed by the pipes during firefighting operations, and can also give the water a rusty or yellow/red appearance. These older mains are also more likely to break and require emergency repair.

How the MWRA Provides Safe Drinking Water

The Massachusetts Water Resource Authority maintains state-of-the-art treatment procedures and is committed to providing a reliable supply of water and to make sure your water is safe, fresh and tastes great. Redundant pipelines and tunnels allow inspection and maintenance of key facilities while ensuring uninterrupted service. The MWRA also continues to rehabilitate and replace pipelines throughout the distribution system to improve both reliability and water quality.

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