Andover, MA Water Quality Report

Where Your Drinking Water Comes From

Andover’s Drinking Water comes from Haggetts Pond and the surrounding 1,422 acres of watershed area. The pond is also supplemented with additional waters from Fish Brook and the Merrimack River. The Merrimack River is the fourth largest watershed in New England, encompassing over 5,000 square miles, or 3,200,000 acres. A combination of the three surface water sources is used to produce up to 18 million gallons of drinking water per day and approximately 2 billion gallons of drinking water per year. Andover retains 14 million gallons of water storage in the distribution system. This storage helps maintain consistent water pressure throughout the 250 miles of underground pipes that deliver drinking water to homes and businesses.

Water Treatment Process

We are proud of the exceptional quality of water that flows to your household or business daily. We treat it very carefully at our water treatment plant to enhance its quality. Source water transferred from Fish Brook and the Merrimack River into Haggetts Pond is drawn into the water treatment plant, which purifies millions of gallons of raw water daily. The water treatment plant process consists of a series of physical and chemical steps designed to produce a safe and consistent quality product. Fluoride is added to the finished water to about 0.7 ppm to prevent tooth decay and cavities. At this level it is safe, odorless, colorless and tasteless. View a virtual tour of the Andover water treatment plant.

To ensure that we provide the highest quality of water available, your water system is operated by Massachusetts certified operators who oversee the routine operations of our system. The water quality of our system is constantly monitored by Water Division staff in our on‐site laboratory, and by MassDEP to determine the effectiveness of existing water treatment and to determine if any additional treatment is required.

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