Water. The way it should be.

Browse our options for unlimited clean, fresh water on demand.

When it comes to your home or workplace, having accessible, high-quality, clean water on tap is invaluable. At Stonybrook, we go above and beyond the traditional and outdated water bubbler setup, offering cutting edge, temperature-controlled bottleless water coolers for the office or home, fitting all of your filtered water and special requirements.

From hot to cold to ice, our water is perfect for your daily hydration, afternoon tea, or cooling down a refreshing beverage on a hot day. Stonybrook water cooler products utilize a bottleless water system, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about wasteful, costly, and bulky water tub deliveries or removal.

Once we have expertly installed your bottleless water cooler in your office or home, you’ll be all set to enjoy refreshing, high-quality filtered water on demand. We carry water coolers suitable for all locations, from your home kitchen to the office break room.