Bottleless Water Coolers For Your Home

At Stonybrook Water, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, refreshing, and, most of all, clean water on-demand, keeping you and your family sufficiently hydrated within the comfort of your home. Through sustainable water filtration practices and expert engineering, we have chosen to deliver only the best home bottleless water coolers in Massachusetts, such as the ION 400, designed to fit conveniently within your kitchen or any other areas of your house or apartment.

Drink of Choice? Cold, Iced, Hot, and Sparkling Options

Best of all, most of our bottleless water dispensers offer numerous dispensing options, such as cold, hot, ambient, and even sparkling water. A selection of our products, such as the Wellsys 1200, also include an ice-maker, putting all of your beverage needs in one spot. Afternoon tea, delicious hot chocolate, a crisp sparkling beverage, or ice for evening cocktails are available at the push of a button.

Filters Out The Bad, Puts the Good In

All our products filter the toxic and harmful chemicals commonly found in tap water, increasing overall drinking quality. A selection of products, including the Wellsys 11000, actively boost your water with nutrient-rich minerals, supporting you and your family’s healthy lifestyle.

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Other Features Found In Various Stonybrook Water Dispensers

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    Enhanced Water Alkalinity

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    Built-In Leak Detection Systems

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    State-of-the-Art Reverse Osmosis Purification

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    Activated Sensor Operation

Environmental Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

  • Reduce Your Home’s Use of Toxic And Wasteful Plastics
  • Prevents Driving Emissions From Costly Repeated Water Delivery Service
  • Eliminates Reliance on Environmentally Unfriendly Bottled Water Companies

Our passion is creating clean water that is always within reach while also protecting our environment from the costly, wasteful, and potentially unhealthy practice of bottled water. Our handpicked water filtration system within our bottleless water coolers, such as the ION-exclusive CarbonPro, guarantees clean refreshment with every sip, without the use of wasteful materials.

One-Time Water Delivery & Installation Service

Unlike most water delivery companies, Stonybrook Water’s bottleless water coolers tap right into your existing water line, filtering your home’s tap water into a crisp and hydrating drink. Often, this means that our friendly and courteous delivery and installation technicians only need to visit your home once, and from there, your bottleless water system is all yours.

Designed For Accessibility

Whether you keep your bottleless water dispenser on the kitchen counter, in your home office, game room, our products fit homes and apartments of all shapes and sizes. We’ll even provide a complimentary stand, allowing you to access water wherever you need it most. In fact, we are so confident in our high-quality water dispensers that we offer our customers a free trial, allowing you to try Boston’s best water filtration systems risk-free.

No Room For A Water Cooler? We’ve Got You Covered

Our reverse-osmosis distilled water filtration system hooks right into your home’s current tap. With a convenient handheld dispenser placed next to your faucet, you and your family can receive clean, filtered water straight from your kitchen sink, without the harmful chemicals.

Other Available Water Dispenser Products