February 3, 2021

Touchless Water Filtration Options

Making Everyday Practices Safer in a Water Cooler

Everyone knows that Stonybrook Water offers the best water on the planet, but now we have options
for our coolers that make incredible, clean drinking water even safer to dispense. Our water systems can
filter out all contaminates found in your water, and replaces them with healthy minerals that your body
needs. Stonybrook Water takes healthy, clean water and bumps it up a level. However, due to the
pandemic, even touching a cooler to dispense the water can bring worry.

To help ease our customers’ concerns, we have different options* to prevent your water cooler from
being a touchpoint that may harbor germs and virus.

The first option is adding Nanoseptic to your machine. This is a special overlay on your machine that
instantly removes germs on the surface.

Another is adding foot pedals to your cooler so you can dispense water without using your hands on the

The final option is amazing new technology made specifically for the times! Our coolers can now
dispense your water from an App on your phone, or use LED sensors to “press” for your choice of
beverage. This is with no physical contact with the cooler at all!

Saving the environment by cutting down on plastic bottles, saving money by cleaning your own water, and saving ourselves by innovative new ways to safely dispense the best water on the planet is well worth your investment! Call Stonybrook Water and see what we can do for you!

*Not all models are equipped for each option available. Please discuss with your representative which coolers can provide the solution best for your needs.

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