May 3, 2017

The Battle of the Jugs!

Not only are plastic water jugs terrible for the environment, but they are also a waste of space and money! Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t  be using a plastic water bottle dispenser:


Throwimoney toilerng away your money!

One 5-gallon jug equals approximately 1 square foot of space. The average Boston commercial real estate costs $57.00 per square foot per year. If one office stores 15 jugs of water at a time, that is $855.00 a year in water storage!



Dirtygross cooler Jugs!

Where are you storing these jugs-  is it clean?  We see jugs stacked in dusty warehouses, bathroom floors and even propping open doors.  Do you disinfect the bottle before it is put on the top of the cooler?  Any particles that are on that bottle are now submerged in your drinking water.  




Slime anyone?

Have you ever seen anyone clean the reseviour your water sits in? Did you know most companies do not offer that service and if they do it is over $100 each cleaning?! We have seen algea, slime, mold and more inside the resevoir where your water comes out of! YUCK! 



Wwater cooler storageater jugs as part of your decor?

We work so hard to make our homes and offices clean and inviting. So why clutter them up with water jugs? Are racks and stacks of water bottles a part of your feng shui plans?




lifting-water1Wow, thats heavy!

To change your water jug you will need to lift 40lbs each time (I hope you don’t have a bad back!)!

Lifting water jugs are one of the top causes of work related injuries!



everydropbigWhat a waste!

On average, the typical bottled water company uses about three gallons of water for every gallon produced.

That will have wasted millions of gallons of water per year!




Plastic Jugs are NOT Eco-friendly!

Bottled jug production uses 17 million barrels of oil each year! It will also release 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere (equal to the emissions of 520,000 cars in one year)!



Go Bottleless!

Protect the planet, get back your storage and stop the waste!

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