January 5, 2017

Mermaids Raising Awareness About Plastic Pollution

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong has been working hard using his photography skills to raise awareness about a worldwide growing concern. For his recent project, he collected over 10,000 plastic bottles and created amazing imagery with mermaids smack dab in the middle of piles of garbage.

Von Wong’s goal was to find a creative way to change the way we think about waste and trash, which is not the most appealing topic and therefore is often overlooked or ignored.

The artist reminds us that by 2050 the ocean will be filled with more plastic bottles then fish. Plastic bottles are no joke and are becoming a huge natural disaster to the world’s environment.

Alternative to Plastic Water Bottles:

Until any regulations are set, the fate of our environment must be taken into the hands of consumers. Plastic water bottles cause so many problems that everyone must look for alternatives.

Reusable water bottle: If you’re going to work or to the gym every day, using plastic water bottles to make sure you’re hydrated, then you should certainly invest in a reusable water bottle. There are hundreds of reliable options out there where you can fill up at home and be set for your daily activities.

Stonybrook Water Dispenser: Our water dispensers provide the perfect alternative to buying disposable bottles of water. IIt helps save the environment while also providing homes and businesses with some of the cleanest water on the planet!

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