January 9, 2018


Stonybrook Water is a family owned and operated business serving New England. Founded in 2006,  Stonybrook Water has over a decade of experience of providing quality products and local customer service.

Today, Stonybrook Water is the largest privately-owned bottle-less water provider in New England. Our focus is to bring Health and Wellness to every person that believes they deserve the best quality water.

We invite you to join the Stonybrook family and experience the benefits of delicious Bottle-less Water provided with local care.


Our staff is uniquely trained, highly skilled and strives to provide energetic and exceptional service to each client.  We push to stay abreast of the very latest in technology and advances by regularly attending courses and seminars.

LEFT: Liza Dudley, CENTER: Janet Lothrop, RIGHT: Molly Neidhardt

Molly Neidhardt, joined Stonybrook in 2016 and is the General Manager.  She is a UMass Amherst graduate; and has worked previously in the Home Improvement industry as well as events management.  Learning about drinking water has been an exciting experience! Outside of work, Molly likes to spend time with her husband, kids, and dog.

Born and raised in Manchester, Liza joined Stonybrook in 2016 after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Janet joined Stonybrook Water in May 2017, bringing her extensive experience in sales, marketing and operations to the team and is excited to be working in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  She lives in Marblehead and enjoys spending time with her family outside of work.


From left: Finn, Willow & Lexi Brown

Our canine office support staff:

Lexi is a 12 year old pit bull mix who was found wandering the streets of Florida as a puppy. Lexi is “the boss dog” and enjoyes lounging in the sun, the beach and hiking.

After being born under a house in Alabama, Finn, a German Shepherd mix, was transported to a shelter in Maine. He is now 8 years old and enjoys car rides, running, and catching flies!

Willow is a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who was a product of a “puppy mill” in Ohio. In her first few months of life she lived in a kennel and was a very shy and scared of people. She is still working on coming out of her shell with strangers and when she does she enjoys cuddling, kisses and being a lap dog!


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