February 12, 2021

Adding Touchless Sensor Dispensing

Touchless Sensor Dispensing is here!

Stonybrook Water knows there are many options where you can get water for your home or place of work.  But these days,  the most important deciding factors should be health and safety!

Stonybrook Water already had the most up-to-date and top-of-the-line water coolers on the market, but we’ve upgraded the water coolers to fit the needs of our ever-changing lives.  Our water coolers can now offer safe, easy and touchless dispense options.  One of the sleekest options to choose from in order to make your cooler touchless (and thus, all around safer) is the Touchless Sensor for our Ion 200 and Ion 400 models.

With Touchless Sensor dispensing, you only need to wave your finger along the side of the cooler, and the sensors pick up which water choice you would like: Hot, Cold, Ambient or Sparkling Water. It dispenses it immediately into your glass… the best water on the planet dispensed in the safest way on the planet.

Call Stonybrook Water today at 978-865-9899 or contact us for more information!

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